I have several reports that are due or past due, and instead of getting them done as I intended at 5 in the morning while the kids are asleep, I am of course blogging about it.  I have so many ideas.  Things I want to do or would like to see done, but it is much easier for me to have ideas than to sit down, roll up my sleeves and finish something.  Unless it is something that I can eat.

Back to work.


Hello World!

I have always liked to write, but it seems quite a long time since I have had made the time to write.  Who am I kidding?  As a mom of 4 with a career, I still don’t have time to write.  But I am determined nonetheless.

This blog is named in honor of some very good friends, friends who feed parts of my soul that I neglect.  There will be some poetry and prose, math and mommytalk, food and fashion, but no grits.  I promise.